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Have you learnt the basics of ASP.NET Core and Angular? Not sure where to go next? This course should be able to help with that. In this course, we start from nothing and incrementally build up our API and Angular front end until we have a fully functional Web Application that we then publish to IIS and a Linux server. These are 2 of the hottest frameworks right now for the ‘back-end’ (Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core) and the ‘front-end’ (Google’s Angular) and are well worth spending the time to learn.

In this course, we build a complete application from start to finish and every line of code is demonstrated and explained. This course is right up to date as at November 2019 using ASP.NET Core 3.0 and Angular v8 and as these frameworks evolve, this course will evolve with it.


• Introduction to Software Engineering & Development cycle
• Introduction to HTML, CSS, JavaScript
• Programming
• ADO models
• Connecting SQL server (use stored procedures)
• Introduction to AJAX

Introduction to Software Engineering

Introduction to HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Designing UI Programming

ADO models

Connect SQL Server

Introduction to AJAX

Software Development Cycle

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