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Python Programming

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Python Programming Training Course

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Python stands out as an easily comprehensible and potent programming language renowned for its efficient high-level data structures and a straightforward yet powerful approach to object-oriented programming. Explore the intricacies of Python through our meticulously crafted Python Programming Training course. The content is well-documented, providing clear explanations for each line of code. Python’s elegant syntax, dynamic typing, and interpreted nature position it as an ideal language for scripting and swift application development across various platforms.

The Python interpreter, along with its expansive standard library, is readily accessible in both source and binary forms for major platforms through the official Python website (, allowing free distribution. The website also serves as a hub for distributions, pointers to numerous free third-party Python modules, programs, tools, and additional documentation.

Python’s versatility is further evident in its capability to be effortlessly extended with new functions and data types, implemented in languages such as C or C++ (or other languages callable from C). It is well-suited for serving as an extension language for customizable applications.

This course offers an informal introduction to the fundamental concepts and features of the Python language and system. While having a Python interpreter handy for hands-on experience is beneficial, all examples are self-contained, enabling the tutorial to be easily read offline. Dive into the world of Python programming and unlock a versatile skill set for scripting and rapid application development.


• Introduction to Python
• Numbers
• Strings
• Lists
• Basic Programming
• if Statements

• for Statements
• The range() Function
• Break and continue Statements, and else Clauses on Loops
• Defining Functions
• More on Defining Functions
• Default Argument Values
• Lambda Expressions

• Function Annotations
• Data Structures
• More on Lists
• Using Lists as Stacks
• Using Lists as Queues
• List Comprehensions

• Nested List Comprehensions
• The del statement
• Tuples and Sequences
• Sets
• Dictionaries
• Looping Techniques

• More on Conditions
• Comparing Sequences and Other Types
• Modules
• Packages
• Input and Output
• Fancier Output Formatting Formatted
• String Literals The String format() Method

• Manual String Formatting
• Old string formatting
• Files
• Errors and Exceptions
• Classes and Methods
• Inheritance
• Multiple Inheritance

Introduction to Python

Basic Programming

Defining Functions

Using Lists as Stacks

The del statement

Tuples and Sequences

Looping Techniques

Classes and Methods

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