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A web engineering is knowledgeable in creating internet-based software and applications. Their responsibilities include creating user-friendly interfaces, designing application functionality, creating network communication systems, and creating company websites.

web engineering course

Digital Transformation


The need for qualified Web Application Development Courses utilizing a variety of tools and technologies has been fueled by the growth of e-business and its allied sectors, like e-governance and e-learning. Through exposure to a real-world web applications engineering environment, students will be able to gain expertise in key technologies. Both those seeking a career in web development and those seeking a source of income for self-employment will find it to be suitable.

Web development course includes a number of important components, such as:

  1. Front-end Development : This entails creating and implementing a website or web application’s user interface. 
  2. Back-end Development : This focuses on a website or web application’s server-side features.
  3. Database Management : Database management encompasses duties including creating queries, guaranteeing data integrity, and developing the database schema.
  4. Web Security : Web engineers need to be aware of security best practices because online threats and vulnerabilities are growing.
  5. Web Project Management : Project management abilities are necessary for effective web engineering in order to plan, organise, and coordinate the development process.

Web development courses are essential for a large scale profession that is always changing and web engineers frequently focus on particular disciplines like front-end development, back-end development, or full-stack development (working on both front-end and back-end). They work along with designers, content producers, and other experts to develop websites and online apps that satisfy the requirements of customers and businesses.

Introduction to web technologies

Multimedia technologies on the web

Coding with HTML and CSS

Web designing tools (Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop)

Programming with JavaScript (Bootstrap and jQuery)

Fundamentals of PHP

Advanced PHP concepts

Working with MySQL databases

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